Monday, March 28, 2011

getting my a-into-g

i just got an email from my awesome tutor at TLC saying that my end date for course is approaching and is on the 27th may... I'm sure i had an extra month on my side?! so instead of jumping right into it and doing the work i need to, what do i do? blog about it of course [another way of procrastinating].

so before i get into my work i need to do some maths - how many hours per week i need to do. basic maths is telling me that it is going to be approx 22 hours per week. eek! that's on top of my 40 hours of full time work per week. so this means that no more going out, no more socialising. in fact no more life up until then.

in a strange but back to front kind of way; this is good for me. now i have a deadline to meet and i will meet it. no matter what - i didn't start this course to fail at it. it's just not an option. priorities must be made...

i leave you with two of my favourite pieces i have done recently :)

watercolour of a tulip - very happy with this ^_^

portrait sketch - face was too wide (and not long enough) compared to the picture i copied but i'm still stoked with it

Rhiannon xxx

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