Monday, March 28, 2011

'goal' collage

it's amazing what you can accomplish when you NEED to do it...

i have just spent the last 3 hours making a collage about my future- part of discovering what your goals are. i'm not 100% sure what mine means but i noticed that i am incredibly neat with things- straight edges, things must be quite exact.

i ended up doing about three layers. first layer i didn't like, second layer i still didn't like, third layer i started to like and ended up developing it more. that probably means something too - perfectionism?

traditionally collage's are image only. but i had to have words on mine. my art tutor from years ago noticed that no matter what i paint or make, i have to put words on it somewhere. might be the logical left side of my brain wanting to join in?

it's weird - i look at it and see the gist of what i want to do (goal wise) but i'm sure that anyone looking at this would have absolutely no idea what i'm on about.

i think the process says more about me (and therefore figuring out what i want) than the final piece. i think i will put it away for a while and then get it out again and have another think.

rhiannon xxx

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