Sunday, January 30, 2011

words for the year

i have recently been compelled to write a lot more. i used to journal everyday, sometime for hours, in an attempt to deal with my thoughts at a bad time in my life. it was my own written therapy. but since i managed to leave that part of my life behind, i haven't felt it necessary to write very much.but since i started my 2011 moleskine diary challenge for this year, i have found that i keep wanting to write more. most of it is not blog-worthy as its mostly ramblings but after seeing some of the wonderful posts from bloggers i follow, i want to start writing more blog posts instead of focusing on just images.

after reading numerous bloggers choosing one word for the year and doing some reflection of my own, i have decided to have two words for the year.

recently i have found myself getting incredibly distracted and not doing things that i really should be doing. tv is my absolute biggest downfall. we have heaps of dvd's and movies and tv series and although sometimes i can work well while having tv on in the background, most of the time i get nothing done. i have also been prioritising the wrong things. i will do washing over doing course work that is overdue or i will watch tv when there is a giant pile of dishes to be done. i used to be really good at prioritising, especially when i was running a craft market with a friend at the end of 2009, which is why it irritates me so much that i have become slack.
so my plan is:
  • to write a list a day - a detailed list - with the amount of time required for each thing next to it.
  • i will also limit my time searching the internet. no more googling just because i can
  • and start eating healthier and exercising.
  • tidy and organise my craft area - its a bomb site at the moment so needs a good spring clean and tidy
i know the second to last one is a classic and everyone says it but i noticed about 5 years ago that what i ate directly affected my mood, and in turn my focus. the more junk and crap i eat, the more sluggish, grumpy and tired i became. since the beginning of the year, i have had a very bad diet and no exercise. im fine all day at work, but as soon as 4pm hits im pretty useless at anything so i really think that this point is key! im thinking about starting slow and just going for walks in the evenings and building it from there. winter is coming and i love running in winter so thats always good.

Rhiannon xxx

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