Monday, January 31, 2011

photoshop tips/tutorials

i am currently trying to teach myself how to paint in photoshop (again) and i tell you what, its way harder than painting with a actual paint. i found this good little tuorial on youtube though about blending colours together, which is the thing i find the hardest. so thought i would share.

main points:
  • you can use the gaussian blur filter with a layer mask to create a "waterlook" effect
  • you can use smudge tool but the key is to increase the scatter to stop it looking messy and actually blend (used when your brush doesn't have pressure to fade the edges)
Rhiannon xxx


  1. wow... it's hard to think of Photoshop as an organic, freeflowing art tool. I've always thought of it as something more mechanical, or for color correcting. It's SO overwhelming, the power of the photoshop ;) Thanks so much for sharing this... so cool!

  2. I've been trying to learn this, too, and it's SO hard, isn't it?? I was actually limiting myself to just watercolor, but there are just so many effects with photoshop it takes a lot of time. Plus trying to navigate a brush on a laptop touchpad! pfftt! So hard!

    Thanks for the tips/tutorials, though!

  3. Carrie - i know what you mean. photoshop is very mechanical; or at least it feels like it is! i still can't quite grasp how you can create such wonderful pieces but i will keep learning :)

    Sofi - I'm finding it super hard!! i primarily like abstract things (painting wise) so doing proper shading and tones for example, are really hard for me in p/s. i love it totaly though! especially for editing photos that you couldn't quite get the effect you wanted when you took the photo :D