Monday, January 17, 2011

new camera!

i bought a new camera today. i didn't really expect to buy one but after not wanting to damage my fancy camera by carrying it around all day (not to mention i carry enough stuff to work) i thought i would look into getting a super cheap compact camera. i ended up getting one for $99 (saved $40!). its a little samsung es30 - in "barbie" pink. i have been playing around with it and you definitely get what you pay for. it does look a bit like a kid camera (not helped by the colour but i couldn't resist an obnoxious baby pink) and is quite slow to take photos but I'm still happy with it. in the end it takes photos and its small and cheap. if you want something that has lots of options this is not the camera for you, but if you want something to chuck in your bag and not worry too much about it getting a scratch then its perfect. this will make my 365 project so much easier during the week.

I'm also going to make a little camera case possibly on the weekend :)
Rhiannon xxx

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  1. Definitely helpful to have a little P&S handy for times when you can't lug the big tools around! Maybe the pink and "kiddishness" will inspire you to have fun with your pictures!