Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 progress

only 15 days into January and already my balance of work, art and creative time and relax time is totally out of whack! i keep telling myself that i have just had my first week back at work and i will get back into the swing of things soon but im not sure if that's just an excuse im telling myself or whether its true?! i have been really slack in the last couple of days. i havent taken my daily photo or filled out my moleskine diary for two or three days. and i have only done one art journal page so far this year and i haven't started reading my book for January either. four years ago i would just give up, or i would have been angry at myself for not doing it properly. now though, i just try to make it up and keep going. its quite nice to see how i have changed in the last few years.

i have taken a few different photos today to make up for the last couple days (kind of cheating) and i have also just started doodling in my moleskine diary if i can't think of anything to write. one thing i thought i might do it come up with 7 ideas for photos each week. that way if i get stuck (like i did the last few days) then i can just pick one off the list.

on the positive side though i have crossed off two of my things to do this year and i am continuing to think of anything else i can add to it. i have put the list on the right hand side of my blog and written it at the back of my diary too so i am constantly seeing it.

i'm watching Two Weeks Notice at the moment and there are some fantastic quotes so thought i would share my favourite one:

Lucy: I think your the most selfish human being on the planet.
George: Well that's just silly. Have you met everybody on the planet?

once two weeks notice has finished i think it time i stopped sitting around and did some art. i have already had added two to my list: 18. is stop procrastinating  19. be more focused

Rhiannon xxx

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