Sunday, July 04, 2010

The wonder of colour

I don't seem to have many words at the moment so I will just let my pictures talk for me instead:

I left my course book at work on Friday and couldn't pick it up until the next morning so I spent some time copying this drawing instead. I couldn't get the nose right and it was driving me nuts but it ended up okish in the end.

Purple Experimentation

Blue and Green experimentation

Red experimentation

My workspace on Saturday night

You had to sketch the image in 1 minute (I took a bit longer and did it in two), but before you did that you had to cut out one part of it. 
With the bit you cut out, you had to do a detailed drawing of in 30mins.

I haven't decided if this is finished or not yet so I will leave it for a while
Rhiannon xxx

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