Saturday, July 03, 2010

Busy busy busy...

I have been flat out the last couple weeks trying to make up some course hours and trying to get to the chiopractor as well as going to my dance classes! My A5 sketchbook idea has worked really well so far though and has been helping quite a bit.
I sent in my first lot of work in last week and I got great feedback! Here are some images from more recently:

This took me an hour to draw and shade in but I'm really happy with how it turned out

Pattern collage

30 mins detail & 1 minute gesture

Pattern experimentation

From my A5 Sketchbook - done on the Ferry

From my A5 Sketchbook - done on the Ferry

I have been working with colour a lot more in the last week. And after some feedback from my tutor I wanted to buy a "colour" book and learn more about it. The theory part doesn't make much sense to me (e.g tones etc) so I bought a new book called "Artist's Colour Manual" by Simon Jennings and it has sparked an new interest in colour. In the names of the colours, the way colour can be used effectively, the feeling different colours convey, the hues, the tones, shades and even history. After thoroughly looking through it and reading most of it, I now want to investigate and experiment with colours a lot more. I will post some photo's of this tomorrow =)
For now though I'm going to watch the rest of "Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour".

Rhiannon xxx

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