Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Macro - Carnivorous Plants

My  partner has a fascination (borderline obsession) with Carnivorous plants. And considering we don't live in the ideal climate for most of these types of plants, he has a real knack for growing them. When we moved though, other things took priority and most of the ones he had managed to grow over the years died- they really do need constant tending to.

However now that we are settled again, and the season is upon us, he has slowly been building up a new collection. 

While I don't enjoy growing plants so much myself, the beauty of them is never lost on me. And I realised that these plants, the Sundews in particular, would make a beautiful subject to continue  with my DIY macro photos. Boy, was I right!

sundew_4 sundew_3 sundew_6 sundew_2 sundew_5 sundew_1

You can see my other two posts here and here. All photos were taken with a Canon 600D and a 18-135mm lens, reversed. No specific macro equipment was used.

Rhiannon xx

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