Monday, October 21, 2013

Silly fluffy faces

I don't use my 'big' camera to take many photos of the cats. Usually because I don't know where the camera is when something funny or photo-worthy happens. However due to my recent pregnancy-induced laziness and not putting things away, I have managed to capture a couple of good photos. It's also been a while since I've shared anything about my sweet kitties so it seemed like a good way to start the week.

Dillon Dillon Dillon
Seriously, taking photos of cats mid-lick is one of the best things in life. At least I think so; never fails to make me laugh hehe.
Dillon Dillon Dillon He is such a sweet, fluffy little man. He's also decided that he wants to copy his big brother and mimics so many of the little things that he does. It's really adorable! Speaking of Zeus....Zeus Zeus
I found him staring at me in the lounge, through he kitchen window (yes, somewhat creepy).

Happy Monday :)

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  1. bahaha! these are fantastic. silly and absolutely adorable.. and what a view out of your kitchen window, cat and all!