Monday, May 13, 2013

Art Journal Page #33 + A life changing decision

#33 - Expand on last weeks Art Journal page

I really enjoyed creating last weeks page and wanted to develop it further this week. It's a refined experiment with basic shapes and patterns using pastel colours, finished with some pen detailing and doodles. I would say it's an accurate reflection of my state of mind at the moment - calm and content. The reason being that last week I made a big, life changing decision that has given me direction that I've been searching for since being made redundant 2 months ago.

I have decided to become a full time student with The Learning Connexion, where I will achieve their Diploma in Art and Creativity. I will write a bit more about this tomorrow but suffice to say I am ridiculously excited and I while I am still nervous about being a student with a mortgage (eek) I know this is the right decision for me.

Art Journal Page #33

Art Journal Page #33 Art Journal Page #33 Art Journal Page #33 Art Journal Page #33 -Rhiannon

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