Wednesday, April 03, 2013

March In Photos

March has been an exciting, scary and wonderful month. I am still trying to find a new job, but there isn't too much out there. Fingers crossed something will come up in the next few weeks though. Today is also my birthday- woooooo! I've got a quiet day at home for myself, with a delicious dinner at my parents later on. 

This month...

  • I finished up at my job of 6 years which was quite emotional. My first week off was quite bizarre.
  • I'm still learning ways to improve working at home during the week. Kyla Romoa wrote a fab 5 part series I have been referring to.
  • I am 95% ready to open my online store. Although it won't be ready today as hoped, it will be by tomorrow or Friday.  I'm still organising for prints to be done professionally.
  • I spent a lot of time outside to try and find some sort of grounding again. After finishing at work I have felt very lost and unsettled. 
  • Autumn arrived, and so has some much needed rain. 
  • We finally bought paint to start painting one of the rooms. which is next weeks project.
  • Spent a lot of time with my kitties. Spaz had to go to the vet but she is fine now. And I saw Zeus climb a tree! (in the 4 years we have had him, I haven't seen him do this!) Our house and garden is cat heaven and they are all so happy.
  • I managed to smash my phone *doh*. Waiting for it to be repaired still.
March 2013 in Review
What did you experience this March?