Friday, March 01, 2013

February 2013 in photos

February you have been one interesting month- I've experienced some pretty intense emotions these last 28 days. Summer is still going strong here in NZ (despite today marking the start of Autumn which is a little sad, but exciting. This will be the first winter in our very own insulated & warm house) but my garden is loosing it's colour- in fact Northland was declared in drought this week which is so not cool. I would love a good downpour to refresh everything; hopefully it's not too far away. I haven't managed to get to the beach much, but have plans to change that this Sunday when we visit some friends and hit the West Coast beaches.
Well, what else have I been up to this month?

The biggest thing this month was being made redundant on 8th February. My last day is next Friday and I am sad, excited, worried, excited. I think my first day off is going to be quite odd.
I went to see my man who was tattooing at the 110th Anniversary Harley Davidson show.
I got my desk 80% set up. Still a few more things I want to do, tidy up and clear out but I will be ready for the 11th March.
I bought back my Weekly Art Journal Page posts
I found Dillon sitting in all sorts of weird positions. I'm also giving him regular showers and he loves them but he looks so scrawny after that I always end up giggling.
I went through some old photos at my parents and found some rather funny ones of me when I was younger.
I've also been appreciating the incredible phenomenon that is our sky. Gorgeous sunsets, blood-orange sunrises, clear blue skies- when you really think about it, it's pretty amazing.
I've been experimenting with different juices recently too- I will be sharing a few of my favourites soon.
Caught up with a really good friend for milkshakes and cookies at Moustache. (<3 Nicola)
Said goodbye to two lovely ladies who I work with- both are on to bigger and better adventures.
A quick trip to lush made me giggle.

~March you are going to be such a great month- I just know it. 

Feb 2013 in review

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