Saturday, March 23, 2013

A look inside an Artists Studio

Today I want to share a peek at where I work each day. Since moving into our own home I have been slowly working on decorating and getting the space set up exactly how I need it. I used to dream of having a studio that I could set up how I liked, with no landlord limitations. I dreamed that it would be drenched in natural light (check), super comfortable (check) and be an ongoing source of inspiration (double check). I still have a board on Pinterest that I add to if I find something that I think I could set up or use in the future.

Below is the desk for today, in all its messy glory. I have been working really hard to create inventory for the launch of my store in less than two weeks. While I'm on that note, if you are on Etsy, pop over here and follow me to be notified as soon as listings go up. Trust me, it's going to be rad!

In the Studio

It is essential for me to create a space where I feel happy and inspired; a place where I can have all my weird and wonderful trinkets on display. The two handmade skull figurines below are gifts from my wonderful mum and aunty all the way from Tucson, Arizona where my aunty lives. They are insanely cool! The bowl is full of all my favourite shells that I have collected this summer, and I sketch them daily as a warm up exercise in the morning before I start my days work.

In the Studio

Another place I store my trinkets and knickknack's is on my bookshelf, which I have nearly finished arranging. I have a little collection of bee things, some of my living dead dolls (from the Alice In Wonderland set), a little snow globe from San Francisco (a gift), a mini big planet figurine, a tacky porcelain cat I bought from a second hand shop for $1, a tiny dinosaur, and a small painting I did for my TLC course a few years ago.

In the Studio

I have also create a small area next to my desk that I store all my crystals, as well as some lavender from the garden. They create such a positive energy in the room and lets be honest, the colours are incredible!

In the Studio

There is still a lot I want to do in here; paint one of the walls, hang (maybe even sew) new curtains, get a better light system set up and build my own desk just to name a few. However they are more long term goals- right now I am making it as cosy and user friendly as possible.

I hope you enjoyed a little look at where I work. Next week I will be sharing a few of my favourite books, and I have some really great ones so until then my lovely readers, have a great weekend!


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  1. Well, I have to say I love your studio! It's so bright and vibrant!