Monday, February 04, 2013

Sweet Beet - Juicing

*All credit for this recipe goes to Sheena over on The Little Red House
Sweet Beet Juicing
Sweet Beet Juicing

I've been stalling trying new juice recipes- it feels so foreign to juice savoury things i.e.  vegetables. I always associate juice with sweet. When I saw a recipe that Sheena did I thought it was a good, simple (and mostly safe) one to try. Plus fresh beetroot is in season at the moment AND I had never used it before. I had only ever used tinned (I know; shame on me!) 
So how did it taste? Well, it is the epitome of earthy. But despite that, I was surprised at how good it tasted. Incredibly surprised actually. I pretty much downed the whole thing in one go (Ok, maybe it wasn't all at once but it was pretty quick.). I will definitely be making this again and adding a smidgeon of ginger as suggested by a few friends.
I'm looking forward to trying a few more adventurous juice recipes this year and doing my best to incorporate vegetables as much as possible.


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  1. Beautiful photos Riz! I love carrot and beetroot in juice. Carrot goes frothy creamy. Not at all what you would expect and beetroot is sweet and the colour is stunning. Vegie juice is the way of the future :)