Saturday, February 02, 2013

January 2013 in Photos

Already one month gone for 2013 - geez! Who put life on fast forward? Despite all that, I'm impressed with how much I have managed to fit in this year. It feels like I've only just started to gain momentum too so I can see a lot more amazing things to come in the coming months. So what else have I been up to?

I got a mini-undercut which then progressed to something a bit more extreme (which I love and you can see below!)
I've spent a lot more time outside than I usually do at this time of year and its been so good for me.
New Zealand has amazing beaches - and I'm making a big effort to go at least once a week.
Bought home Dillon to join the family - Zeus is quite happy with him now but the others are still a bit unsure and I think are sulking a bit.
Got more work done on my Max tattoo- only one more short session and he is finished.
Started reading Harry Potter again. I never got round to finishing off the books and I never saw the last few movies so I'm quite excited to see how it ends (no spoilers please!)
I got my teeth stuck into re-learning watercolours with the help of Alisa Burke.
Did some a lot of soul searching.
Spent a lot of time appreciating the gorgeous sunsets we have been having recently.
Y I've tried green smoothies.
I've attempted the 1 Mile a Day challenge (it's turned out to be a successful failure but that's a story for another day)
Received a postcard from my best friend who is living in Germany (I love post cards!!)

Jan 2013 in Review

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