Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Art Journal Page #2

This weeks Art Journal spread was originally inspired by the lovely Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday Video.

#2~ I attempted image transfers ... again

After not managing to get it to work in previous attempts I had pretty much given up thinking it was something I would admire rather than do myself. Watching Donnas video made me want to have another crack at it though. My first attempt failed miserably, but then realised that was because I had used a laser printer. I decided to use the similar butterfly stock images that Donna did and printed it on our (low on ink) inkjet printer. Using Golden Gel Medium, it didn’t turn out too badly. Definitely more of a background image but overall I was just chuffed it was recognisable.

Art Journal Page #2

From there I began to build layers, using my favourite combination of colours. It ended up feeling too ‘in-your-face’ bright though so I used some Gesso (+ water) to cover up certain parts, leaving circles of dominant colour popping through. It was quite therapeutic doing this part, which is why I ended up with so many circles hehe.

Art Journal Page #2

I was feeling rather sparkly that evening too so I added glitter paint & glitter. I reckon glitter is way too underrated and needs to be used more often. (On that note, hop over and check out Natalies latest Journal Pop lesson on glitter)

Art Journal Page #2

At this point I had no image to focus on. The butterflies weren’t supposed to be the main point of the spread so I went through my huge pile of collected images/cars/magazines and found one that fitted perfectly. It's the front of a card my wonderful Aunty gave me. Such a sweet little illustration with a reminder to “reach for a star”.

Art Journal Page #2

Remember last week I said I wasn’t overly happy with my handwriting? Well I made a point on this page to focus a lot more in planning how I wanted to write. Did I want it bold? Curly? Tidy? Messy? It paid off because I am so wickedly happy with how it turned out.

Art Journal Page #2

Overall? I am actually really happy with how it all came together and don’t think I would change anything.

Art Journal Page #2

Materials used?
Golden Gel Medium
Uni-ball black pen
Various brands of acrylic paint
Printed butterfly image [here]
Cheap Glitter paint & loose glitter
A card from my aunty & PVA glue

 Rhiannon xxoxx

P.S. Thank you to everyone who sent hugs and condolences about Max. I am still coming to terms with it but am focusing on the good memories we had xx


  1. I love this white circles...that extra layer really gives it all it's oomph! It's funny because that is the part I like best too, the free painting and brushstrokes...I think we do all the writing and collage just to get to that one last layer that seems like such therapy. I love it. Great job

  2. oh I like very much, for me it's the colours you used, and the sparkle of the glitter. Funny how we are our own worst critic when it comes to writing. I like the curls and flicks of yours....

    BTW I love Donna's work and I got to meet her many many years ago when she came to NZ and did some workshops in scrapping. We made mini albums in her class. It's been cool watching her evolution from scrapping to what she does now.