Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Te Aroha, New Zealand

Do you want to know one of my favourite things about New Zealand summers?

And there is nothing like welcoming the summer with a trip down to Te Aroha with my best friend Corey. No TV, no Internet and very little phone signal. Absolutely perfect for a soul healing mini getaway. We both needed to have a break from the city and do nothing but sit in the sun, read a book, and take lots of photos of cows haha.

We got brief glimpses of sun but it did end up being quite cloudy both days. And those cows are actually in the backyard!! The only thing that separated them from us was a wire fence (which you can see it in a photo below).
Such gorgeous, beautiful rolling hills. How could you not feel relaxed with a view like this? 

It was such a great break, and I intend to go back there quite a few times before the end of the summer.

P.S. I finish work this Friday and begin a three glorious week holiday! I cannot tell you how excited I am; so many plans that I need to spend solid time working on.

Rhiannon xxx

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