Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mid Year Goal Review

I actually wrote a long post about this a few weeks ago but something strange was going on with the new blogger dashboard which meant all my saved drafts just miraculously disappeared. Rather frustrating indeed. But in this video, John Cleese basically said the second time you write something, its even better than the first time; and I think he is right!

We have just hit August and the year is flying by, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a mid year goal review to keep me focused and add new goals. Things change over the course of a year and evidently so do your goals. Some that were on my list written in Jan, I don’t intend to complete and it is no good to dwell on these. Instead its best to replace it with something you know you will achieve. Have a look here to see what was on my original list.
  1. Read one book a month – I do still want to achieve 12 books this year, but so far I haven’t read one per month. Check out here what I have been reading this year though
    1. Biting the big apple – Bella Vendramini [Jan]
    2. The killer inside – Lindsay Ashford [Feb]
    3. My sisters keeper – Jodi Picoult [Apr]
    4. Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King [July]
  2. Take part in online classes – I have been involved in three so far this year- In The Sun, True To You & Blog Love! And hopefully will be doing one more before the end of the year.
  3. Take part in the sketchbook project – I have got my sketchbook and my theme but I haven’t started yet, I want to start it this month [Aug]
  4. Complete my foundation course at TLC – this I can quite happily say I have achieved. Despite a rough time at the beginning of this year, I have my certificate and I am so incredibly proud of myself [blogged here]
  5. Take a yoga class – I would still really like to do this so it is staying on my list but I'm being realistic that it might not happen. It looks like the rest of the year is going to be quite busy with other things that I must put first.
  6. Teach myself more about watercolours – this ties in to the last class I want to take this year which is Watercolour Bliss by the wonderful Alisa Burke.
  7. Start & maintain a flickr account – done and done!
  8. Re-design my blog – very much done. I am happy with the overall layout and header. I do keep doing colour changes etc but the layout is staying the same. I would still love to get it professionally designed one day (by Freckled Nest) but I'm content with it for now.
  9. Get my full drivers license – I am making progress with this. I have my defensive driving course booked for October and after that is done I will be sitting my full test. I am absolutely terrified though. I know I can drive great, but I hate being tested like that. It's so much pressure.
  10. Walk over rangitoto Island – it's winter here at the moment so not the best time of year but I hope to do this around November when it starts to warm up more.
  11. Complete the 365 challenge – I have been blogging about this recently [here and here] and I am back on track to finish this.
  12. Go to Matakana markets – done. I just realised that I never shared any photos I took so I will share some next week.
So that's my re-vamped list, take a look at what is getting added.
  1.  Take the C25K challenge – I recently bought a treadmill and I decided that I want to take the Couch to 5K running challenge. I bought it not to loose weight [I'm pretty happy with my body now] but because I am an unfit mess. I want to be much healthier and I'm hoping that I can quit smoking [this time for good!] by replacing it with running. I have always loved running but it tends to be quite a fleeting thing because I will miss one or two runs and before you know it I haven’t run in two months. I am pretty nervous about taking the challenge because historically most people drop out of the challenge about week 4. I don’t want to be one of those people. I run because I love it, and because I want to keep healthy. I will be doing a post on this soon, especially with some inspiration blogs and posts to read.
  2. Buy a house – Now this is a huuuuuge goal. My partner and I have been preparing for this for quite some time and we think we are at a place now where we can start speaking with mortgage brokers and looking for our dream house. We will be buying it with a friend [so all three of us will own it] which should make the repayments a bit easier. It will be so nice to get into our own house and be able to do what we want to it. The flat we live in at the moment is old and cold and I cannot wait to say farewell to it!
  3. Buy new trainers – this is more of a money thing than anything else. Trainers these days are so incredibly expensive ($200+) but I'm going to keep my eyes open for any sales at sport stores.
  4. Get my eyes tested & buy spectacular new spectacles – I am due to get my eyes re-tested before the end of the year and I'm thinking I want to try and get a different pair of frames. Again this is just a money thing so will need to save for this too.
  5. Keep Art Journaling  – I haven’t been doing much of this recently. Life seems to be getting in the way and I have been spending far too much time on the computer. So it's time that I set aside at least one evening a week where I just journal.
  6. Start "Wreck this Journal" - I bought this book ages ago but was too busy with course work to start it. I only rediscovered it the other day- this will be a good lesson in not getting to precious about my work. Learn to love it and let it go! There is coupious amounts of inspiration online for how people have wrecked it in different ways.
There are quite a few other things I want to add onto the list but I am going to be realistic and leave it at that for now.

Have you added any goals to your list throughout the year? How are you doing with your goals?

Rhiannon xxx

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