Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In The Sun - new pages

It is about time I shared some more of my In The Sun journal pages with you all. I haven't been able to do any this week sadly - I have been so busy! The links for the prompts are below each page. If you haven't already you should check out the flickr group too. There are so many amazing pages being created :)

06 // Ideal Vacation Spot
I have never been to Greece. My parents met in Cyprus many years ago so we have been back there twice but never quite made it over to Greece. It looks absolutely beautiful - in fact I would be happy to go anywhere in the Mediterranean

08 // Summer Date Ideas
My partner's job means that he doesn't have set hours. Some days he will work from 10am to 6pm but the next day he might work from 8am to 12am. This makes it really hard to have "date nights" organised in advance. So what we tend to do is go out for breakfasts on Sundays (his only day off) and spend time that way. Once a month we try to go out and see a movie, depending what is on.

20 //  Lazy Days [this was really freaky. I did this page about a week before Natty put up the prompt]
13 // Summer Wishlist
09 // In the summer winter time, I feel....
I get sad in winter, that's the honest truth. The lack of daylight, the rain, the icy winds and the overwhelming desire to hibernate until it gets warmer, makes me feel sad. So I try little things each day to lift my mood. My favourite one's are wearing bright coloured stockings and scarves. It brings a bit of fun into my otherwise black wardrobe.

I have got an incredibly exciting Friday Featured Artist this week so make sure you don't miss out!

Rhiannon xxx

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