Friday, April 15, 2011

pretty pictures

it's been a while since i did a blog post so thought its time to update with some recent pictures

delicious range of lunch foods at a cafe i went to with my amazing mum this week xxx

cute little egg watercolour in my journal

i love the watercolours blending together on your pallet

just before daylight savings kicked in, about 7am walking to the ferry

its so rare i can get a pic of my beautiful little kitty Spaz but i caught her just waking up so she was too slow to move away from my camera :)

oil pastels - love my chucks

waiting for my ferry today

these are sundews. my partner loves these little things (they are so beautiful) along with other carnivorous plants
I should be uploading these to my flickr page for 365 project but there are other things i need to do first so that will have to be done later. I might try do a few tonight though.

Rhiannon xxx

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