Friday, November 19, 2010

new work

i have been really bad at updating my blog with my own work - it seems to be developing into more of a resource for me to share inspiration and note artists i come across. so im well overdue for an update on art work i have done recently. i still cant focus on one thing at a time so my work is all over the place and jumps around different mediums and styles.

i am really happy with this. it was a practice exercise from a watercolour book i briefly got out of the library. the bleeding between mounds was not intentional but i ended up quite liking it.

my watercolour painting in response to the photo i took above
here are a couple of photos i have taken in the last 6 weeks that i am quite happy with too

this chair was sitting next to this tree on the side of a residential street for over a week. It continued to disintegrate as it drowned in rain and sun. i really like how warped it was at this stage so decided to pull over and take a few pics. this was my favourite one.

the backstreets of auckland city
the next few photos are of a wall covered in graffiti art by a youthtown building in auckland city.

more soon
Rhiannon xxx

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