Saturday, November 06, 2010


i began drawing mandalas a few months ago but that was before i even knew what they were - to me they were just elaborate flower doodles. since then they have become much more than that and i keep looking for new ways of doing them. here are a few videos and images i have found that i really like

i am thinking that i will be doing a mandala for one of my major work pieces for TLC. im still unsure whether i will colour it or not. i think that the original one will be without colour and then make a copy to colour. there is something very therapeutic about doing mandalas. they are repetitive, spiritual and very personal.

biffybeans has created over 400+ mandalas so far this year. have a look at some of her work on flickr here

one of my favoutire blogs to follow, specifically for mandalas, is daisy yellow. the creator and writer is tammy and she lives in texas. tammy is continualy full of inspiration. she creates all sorts of mandalas and has a lot of great tips, techniques & prompts for general creativity. here are some of her wonderful mandalas done in all different mediums.

rhiannon xxx

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  1. I was told to do one as part of a relaxation technique at school one day. It seemed a little ridiculous at first, but I've have a new-found respect for them. And as for relaxation and de-stressing, they're not so bad either!