Saturday, November 13, 2010

finally its finished

i finally finished a painting i have been working on for a few weeks now. even through you can only see the finished piece, there are about 3/4 other paintings that were started underneath. all totally different from each other. i found that once i started it and i didn't like it, i went over it with gesso and started again. i didn't plan this obviously. i am a impromptu painter, i don't plan. what i paint reflects what i feel or am experiencing at that point in my life. so here is the final creation

towards the end i kept saying to myself "it looks blank; it needs more on it. you need to paint something else on it". i tried to add more but i knew before i put the paint on the canvas that it would be a mistake; so i stopped. i realised that i didn't need to keep try adding more, i liked it the way it was. in fact i loved it. i liked that it feels warm and calming yet its simple. with everything that i have going on at the moment in my own life, simple is what i needed. calm is what i needed. i don't need to make it incredibly detailed if i don't want to. a finished painting doesn't need to take days to complete. i doesn't even need to take hours. all up (not including the unfinished paintings hiding underneath) this took me 2 hours to do.

Rhiannon xxx

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  1. Beautiful painting with some awesome, vibrant colors! And that's right, there are no rules with painting. Taking a long time to work on a painting doesn't make it "better" - the whole point is you enjoy the the process of the painting. And painting/drawing fast and loose can create much more lively art.