Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Perfect Long Weekend

Friday involved a cafe catch up with my wonderful mum and my partners mum in the warm sun at Takapuna's Mint cafe.

After our catch up and a yummy coffee I made the crazy decision to walk from Takapuna back to my house (which I found out later is over a 5km walk) and it took me just an hour. Before I left Taka though I went for a quick leisurely walk on the beach.

On the walk back I discovered a secret garden and took this cute little photo.

The rest of the day I pottered around the house and did boring old house work. I also made a good start on my course (which was the whole point of the walk home - photos!)

On Saturday I went to my first photography exhibit for this month. If you live in Auckland you should try and see one or two of these, there are so many different kinds to suit all tastes. See the programme for June here. I went to the 'Climate Change & Environmental Photography' exhibit accompanied by two wonderful friends. The photo's I liked the most were the ones from Antarctica by Professor Anne Noble. I am yet to look into her a bit more but I have always had a fascination with Antarctica. She has been added to my "to investigate" list.

We then we went to a really cute little 'Supermarket' at Cassette Number Nine on Vulcan Lane (thanks to Alyssa for discovering it). It was the most atmospheric and unique markets I have ever been to. The venue was so scrumptious and the fact alcohol is sold on the premises was an added bonus. On this occasion all three of us we given a free bottle of Becks each!
It was filled with vintage & retro clothes, both cheap bargains and expensive luxuries, as well as handmade goodies. Some of the sellers I recognised from other markets and some I didn't. I heard whispers of it becoming a weekly event now, rather than a monthly one too. I really hope the whispers are true!

I will be posting up some sketches soon from my course but for now I must go and do some more.
Rhiannon xxx

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